What is it?

leash is a crazy one man project. I am building a RPG-like game, powered by almighty random generation, my own graphics engine, and loads of various ideas.

I have no idea when leash will be finished, I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it at all. My plan is to work on leash as long as it brings me fun. The game slowly will become more and more complete but I have not decided yet when will I finish or how the final game will look like.

I will be delighted to know your thought about the game, please drop me a line at _@belickim.net

Get Involved

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Downloads & Timeline

All of the versions listed below should (this is alpha-version software) work on Microsoft Windows 7 (and hopefully 8 too). They require .NET 4.0 framework and XNA 4.0 redistributable installed.

If you want to play all the versions one by one, to see how the game evolved, you can download the full package: leash-history.zip [78MB]

version download link screenshots
0.03 alpha
0.02 alpha
0.01 alpha
missing builds
0.007 prealpha
0.006 prealpha
0.005 prealpha
0.004 prealpha
0.003 prealpha
0.002 prealpha
0.001 prealpha


This list of features contains some initial ideas, general concepts and things that are currently implemented. As the development will move forward some things may change and will be updated below.